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About The School

At Utopia we recognize that every child is unique and therefore we fully embrace and support ‘EVERY CHILD MATTERS’. It is an integral part of the whole educational experience of the children and our ethos. We exist to provide early years education for children of the local community.

The building and ground is well established and maintained, providing an excellent environment for both students and staff.  

We focus on arts and culture with specialized areas for Visual Arts, Drama and Science.

Reflecting the fact that we have many high achieving students, our teaching and learning programs are designed to be innovative and challenging.  We provide effective programs and support for the full range of learning abilities.  Our teachers and Education Assistants are highly skilled practitioners, understanding and meeting the individual needs of each and every child in their care.  We strive to provide our students with the skills and knowledge they’ll need to live and work successfully in the 21st Century.

Our community is extremely supportive, evidenced by a strong, vibrant management and an effective School Board.  We closely work with the parents as well throughout the year.