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About The School

At Utopia we recognize that every child is unique and therefore we fully embrace and support ‘EVERY CHILD MATTERS’. It is an integral part of the whole educational experience of the children and our ethos. We exist to provide early years education for children of the local community.

VISION: To foster a balanced development of spirit, soul and body of each child through excellence, equality, humility, and happiness.

MISSION: At Utopia we aim to

  • Ensure that each child comes into an environment which is safe and secure
  • Acknowledge multiple intelligences and different learning styles 
  • Build the self esteem of the child 
  • Facilitate the honing of skills so that the child is confidently future ready
  • Create an environment where the child learns to be empathetic and grows into a responsible citizen of the community
  • Help the child to have a teachable spirit in an ever changing society