• Utopia Primary School

D.E.A.R Program

(Drop Everything and Read)

The DEAR program provides students with much more than a just-sit-there-and-read experience. It gives students time to read, share what they have read and receive the support they need for further reading explorations and reflections. This innovative practice will help to inculcate reading habits in our young students.

Life Skills Education

“Children are central to the range of life at home and school and their right orientation is vital” The Life Skills included into the curriculum are – Interpersonal, coping with Emotions, Problem solving, Critical thinking, Self Awareness, Empathy, Effective Communication, Building Skills and Decision Making. It is an integral part of the curriculum, incorporated through – theme based Learning, Teacher Talk, Circle Time, THOTS, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Group Activities, Peer Activities, Role Play, Educational Trips, Educational Sports etc..

Value Education

“Values-nurturing the young souls” Value Education is important to nurture the young souls to progress to the different phases of life. The value education curriculum in our School focuses on situational and experiential learning through inspiring stories, thought provoking activities, creative projects and real life examples, visit to Old Age Home etc..By celebrating important days like Labour Day, Grandparents Day, Earth Day etc. and all religious and national festivals, we aim to inculcate the values of respect, gratitude, secularism, humility and tolerance in the young learners. At our school, we attempt to integrate awareness of moral values into the school curriculum, teach our children to internalise these moral virtues as a part of their identity and learn to express this moral identity in their relationships


By the end of Upper Kindergarten, children will communicate effectively through listening and speaking. They will develop a good understanding of alphabetical symbols and will be able to read basic texts. In addition, they will be proficient in using phonic strategies to approach new words, and writing strategies appropriate for beginners.


Children will develop into problem solvers. They will learn extensively within this field- regarding patterns in the environment, number concepts, comparisons, basic formal operations (for example: adding, subtracting), 3-D objects and basic measurement.


Children will demonstrate a curiosity about the natural world, display knowledge of characteristics in common materials, identify cycles in nature using techniques of observation, and work with others while using the computer in all aspects of their studies. Visit to Places like Science Center, FRI etc. will help to understand the themes better.


Children will comprehend colour, shape and use of modern technology to express ideas. They will be capable of responding to music, art, drama and dance.


Children will develop physical skills (balance, flexibility), an awareness of health and safety rules, an understanding of sharing, taking turns, cooperation and socially acceptable behavior.


Children will learn to share, pay attention, respect others, and appreciate that individuals have diverse talents and functions in our society.

The early childhood program features a variety of learning spaces for independent, and small or large group activities. Since most children need to be active, there is a range of learning areas or centers to provide for the different needs and interests of the children. These include: Library Corner, Sand and Water Centre, Free Play Centre and many more!


Our PG program provides a rich classroom environment where children are encouraged to explore and are challenged to learn. Your children will make new friends and develop self-confidence as they strengthen their cognitive skills. Observe your child demonstrate new learning and thrive in our stimulating classroom environment- while having fun!


Lower Kindergarten or LKG is a critical time for children, as it is here that they begin an adventure of a lifetime of learning. Every day, your child is learning and experiencing more, which is why our program is designed to constantly challenge. Our caring, experienced teachers are dedicated to providing a rich and nurturing environment that will prepare your child for Kindergarten. We promote independence in an organized atmosphere, as it is increasingly important for children to be their own thinkers. We also teach children to work well within a group, through listening, sharing and cooperation.


At our centers, children are in a secure environment they know and love, which makes learning more effective and fun. Our programs are comprehensive, skill-based and are designed to start your child off right, and you will witness immediate success.
Our activities are tailored to meet your child’s individual needs, and our teachers provide opportunities to explore, question, communicate and create in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Our UKG curriculum meets and even exceeds state and International content standards for the first-grade, making sure your child is prepared to excel at the next level.