Welcome to Utopia

Director's Message

Director's Message

"Greetings and Welcome to Utopia Primary School."

A new school or a new session means a lot of challenges and rewards for both the parent and the child. 
As you have entrusted us with the huge responsibility of educating and grooming your ward(s), let me reinforce your trust in us by not counting our USP’s, rather by mentioning that our partnership is going to result in nothing less than a 
‘society of learners who are being constantly challenged to the best of their individual abilities to attain their full potential and to empower them with excellence’. I can already see in them future Educationists, Scientists, Doctors, Mathematicians, Engineers, Officers, Entrepreneurs, Linguists, Social Activists, Lawyers, Politicians, Sports Stars and the list goes on..  precisely future world leaders who challenge the quote “the sky’s the limit”.

As the Director of U.P.S., I urge you all to actively participate in your ward’s/wards education and together we shall Engage, Explore, Enjoy!

Warm Regards
Syed Mohammed Yasar


Headmistress:   Based only on prior written approval for appointment.
Directresses:    Based only on prior approval for appointment on Saturdays. In case there is necessity, the parent may write an application to meet the respective Directress on any given week day. 
School Office Timings
Summer and Winter:        08:00 am to 03:00 pm