Welcome to Utopia



Utopia Primary School was created with a vision where parents and teachers work together to create an environment which is conducive to the teaching learning process. We have some of the best resources at UPS to facilitate this vision. We endeavour to create a safe and secure environment for the child so that learning happens with joyfulness and enthusiasm.

The entire school is bright and colourful with all resources aesthetically placed so as to boost the learning process of the child along with encouraging an overall development.

The Utopia Primary School boasts of the state-of-the-art infrastructure which is not seen elsewhere. The cushioned campus is one such resource put in place to keep the child safe from injury and harm. Keeping this in mind even our playground is laid with EPDM flooring to maintain the same.

Another feature of the School is that we are a shoeless campus in all seasons because bare feet strengthen and promote agility in a child’s growing feet, ankles, legs, knees and hips. Other benefits of bare feet are improvement in balance and better control of foot position when it strikes the ground. When a child wears shoes, certain muscles become inactive because they are not moved. Walking around barefoot helps stretch all the muscles related to the legs and feet.

Air conditioned classrooms is another big relief for parents as temperatures are extreme in our city and we have them maintained both in summers and winters.

The school also boasts of a Knowledge Centre where there are more than enough resources available to help in the overall development of the child’s social and emotional skills, speech and language skills, fine motor and gross motor skills. There are many other benefits which are by large too many to be counted or listed. In Utopia Primary School everything has been created from scratch with a lot of forethought and insight, in regard to the needs of an active growing toddler with an even more active and inquisitive growing mind.

Thus, our infrastructure is such that one needs to experience it by stepping into the Utopian Kingdom.... bare feet!

Summer Timings:   
(April – October)  09:00 am to 12:15 Noon for Junior Montessori, Senior Montessori and 08:00 am to 2:15 pm for Preparatory Step  – Step 5.
Winter Timings: 
(November – March)  09:00 am to 12:15 Noon for Junior Montessori, Senior Montessori and 08:00 am to  2:15 pm for Preparatory Step – Step 5



Features of Utopia Primary School

Some important features about Utopia Primary School is its curriculum which is a mixture of 13 curriculum. The methodologies which we follow is also an 8 step based process. We have co-curricular & Extra Curricular Activities like Water Play Sand Play Constructive Play Symbolic Play Functional Play Health & Fitness Activities a variety of Floor Activities Outdoor Activities Visual Activities Sensorial Activities Dough/Clay Modelling Activities Cinematic Activities Spell Bee Quiz Free Play.

Infrastructure and facilities

  • Shoeless Campus
  • Cushioned flooring
  • Air Conditioned & Purified Classrooms
  • International Standard Class Strength of Sixteen(1:16)
  • Safe & Sanitised Nap Zone
  • Visual ,Aural , Tactile , Aesthetic , Montessori & Play Resources
  • Smart Classes
  • Tree House
  • Technology Zone
  • Specially Crafted Learning Rooms
  • Swimming Pool with Fresh Water
  • Alphabet Wall climb
  • 24x7 Camera Surveillance
  • High Quality, Safe & Nutritious Meals
  • Bag Less Curriculum
  • Sand pit with post-session Shower Facility
  • Computer Lab
  • Utopian Park with EPDM flooring